"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it
is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of
course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want
to escape from these things." ~T. S. Eliot

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you
did, but people will NEVER forget how you make them feel ~ Maya Angelou

I've always been drawn to things that display class, glamour, and beauty

Song of the Day

February 20, 2008

Dad's Birthday

We went to Maggiano last sunday for my dad's birthday and Mom and Dad's anniversary. What a meal, we had the Family Buffet and BOY was it good! Everything was great. If you are ever in Tampa at the Westshore Mall, you should try this place. Can't say enough about it. Here are some picture from the birthday dinner with my dad.

February 16, 2008



I just visited this site and seeing I'm a Fortyish Woman, I thought I'd share this Fabulous site with all that read my blog at times. Fortyishisfab listed her top 50 things about her so I thought I'd post my 50 and see if you learn anything new about muah!!!
1. I was named after a soap opera star from As the World Turns.
2. My mom had a beauty shop in our home when I was very young, then bought a shop in St. Johns.
3. Later she became a Cosmotology Tearcher in Owosso at the community college.
4. My dad traveled all over the United States and England and had a huge job in Puerto Rico.
5. I took piano lessons for 5 years
6. I was in the Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert band in high school
7. We had a nanny when I was growing up while my mother and Dad traveled and couldn't be home with us.
8.I believe that "Everything happens for a reason."
9. My first love was Randy Good, in high school
10. I found the lord when I was 10 years old
11. I was a girl scout and earned all my badges
12. I recieved 3 metals in concert band in competions
13. I recieved my letters in band
14. For our graduation "what will they be doing in 10 years" list, they said I would be Cheryl Teig's hair dresser, HA!
15. I love color, and my husband likes White!!!!
16. My favorite color is PINK
17. I use to sing in the choire at church and use to do solo's alot.
18. I use to sing in Harmony Harbor barber shop group.
19. I had that 40 ish BABY
20. I love her so much and wouldn't change a thing about it. She is 5 know will be 6 in May.
21. I met my husband at JoyLand
22. The first vacation we took as a family was in 1999. We went to Michigan so the kids could see where I grew up and what Michigan was really like.
23 I've been blessed with so many Great Friends and Family
24. I have EXPENSIVE TASTE, my husband says.
25. We stayed at Kenny Chesneys cabin in Tennessee
26. I played Volleyball in high school
27. I have a myspace page.
28. I found a lost friend of mine on myspace.
29. I love photography and using my camera for all family get togethers and just because.
30. I am the 5th child out of 6 kids. 4 girls and 2 boys.
31. I am going to be a grandma in March.
32. I love little trinkets and things I can display.
33. I love art and going to art museums.
34. I was 17 when I had my gallbladder taken out.
35. I took my exams in the hospital and the principal brought them to me and sat with me while I took my exams!!!
36. I love mowing the grass.
37. I love working in the yard and planting differnt and all kinds of flowers and plants.
38. I can be very lazy at times, but love to clean.
39. I love this blogging thing and it consumes alot of my time.
40. We have a camper and we've used it 3x's since we've had it.
41. We camped at Yogi bear park in Tennessee and Michigan.
42. My maiden name is 'Mills"
43. My pet peeve is dirty dishes in the sink, and a unmade bed.
44. My husband is 6'3 and I'm 5'2
45. When I was pregant with my first child, I loved cucumber and peanutbutter sandiwishes.
46. I have 3 childern and 1 dog, who is a puppy.
47. I recently bought the whole series of "Sex and the City" and I love it.
48. My son use to play baseball and loved it
49. My oldest daught use to play softball and was hit in the middle of the forehead with a softball that was being pitched at a high speed. She still has a little dent in her forehead from it.
50. I own a payroll company.

And there it is, all the things that I could think of about me. Now I hope this inspires you as it did me to go and write 50 things about you on your blog.
Please check out the link to fortyishisfab site and see if there is anything there for you, IF your 40ish!!!

February 15, 2008

Febuary 15, 2008


Well valentine has come and gone, now were waiting for the green beer night, Right!!! ha.
My grandson should be making his apperance by then, hopefully, cause Jennifer is very much ready for this to be over.
Well last night didn't go very well for Muah! like i was really looking forward to my husband making dinner for us and watching "Shall we Dance". B U T that didn't happen..Why you are probley asking right now...well.... He was actually working on my dad's truck and it took him longer than what it should have and he didn't get home til almost 9 pm, so he was dirty for one, and the man had just worked 11 days straight so i was not upset just disappointed because all of you who knows my husband..he don't cook but when he does, he really is a good cook. So maybe next year! Ha.
Today started out I was only delivering a package to one of our clients and then go to the office to finish up on somethings I started yesterday. Well like last night it didn't go to well, what is up with me, :( I started out around 9:15 AM to go to Hudson to deliver a package but for some reason when I mapped quested it, it didn't give me the correct route! I was going down what was a dirt road, which in our area of florida is not a usual route, then i ended up what looked like someones SANDY driveway but it kept going and going and going so finally I said to myself (SELF) I think were lost, so I stopped and called the client and she said (honey your going the wrong way, there is no sandy driveway, HAHA!!! ) so I turned the truck around in a very narrow road way and made my way back out the the main road..then she guided me in.
As she was telling me to come in the gate but lock the gate behind me because we have horses and dogs and some kind of Ostridge looking thing that looked EVIL, I asked her if she could just meet me at the gate...Am I glad she did, about 6-9 dogs come bouncing down the driveway, and these Ostridge things started walking towards us as we were standing there and SHE was afraid of them too cause she shooed me to the other side of the fence along with her following me. It was hillarious!!! She wanted MUAH to walk up the driveway with that!!!!NO WAY, HORSES SCARE ME ENOUGH. So Got my package delivered then I'm on my way back to the office about 2 hours later, so I called Carrie to let her know about my adventure and she laughed at me...haha...So then when I got to the office had to deliver another payroll so I did nothing but drive today and I'm really really tired...whew!!!! Now I'm going to go and relax before dinner.
So there is my day, let me know how your day went.

February 09, 2008


We had a wonderful day, alot of fabulous Friends and Family were there to celebrate the coming of little Parker, along with all the fabulous gifts she got from them. We have about 1 month to go so count down is getting closer.. Grandma can hardly contain herself, HA! here's a few pictures we took and there is more to come, so check back. Thank you Vicky for being there and helping with all you did. Love you and Daniel too!!

February 06, 2008

100th Day of School

Wow it's been awhile since i've blogged, but i've been busy with catching up with my sister that just got back from Oregon, and now is on a Ski Vacation. Getting ready for Jennifers Baby Shower so I've been busy. But last friday was Ryleigh's 100th day of school and she had to count out 100 things and put them in a bag and take to school to share, we got the project done a couple of nights before and I finally had to put the bag up because she wanted to take the things out and count them all over again or play with the puzzle pieces, she was funny about carrying her bag around. We had gotten her a DIVA bag for her last year that had been sitting in the closet so I decided to put all of her THINGS in that bag friday morning, oh my gosh, she was so excited about the purple diva bag that she wouldn't put it down, so that morning while we were waiting for the bus i snapped a few pictures of her and her bag. So I thought I'd share.